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Bad Wolf (pn.) An Individual; a human, a rebel, an author, a dreamer, a lover, vulnerable and grateful, doesn't shy away from challenges, invites chaos, spreads kindness, and encourages others. They respect their time, double down on their uniqueness and strengths, understand their fulfillment needs and are hungry to create a significant impact using their gifts for the benefit of others. 

Who We Are:

Bad Wold Club is a place for the dreamer, the doer, the lover -- a place for you. We're here to create and feature content that can work as a guide on how to live your most fulfilled life - letting your individualism steer your choices. We've got an itch to do something world changing. These are our worldly perceptions, something we're sharing because we know someone needs to hear it. 

According to us at BWC, there's nothing cooler than (re)discovering who you are, what your purpose is and not trying to be anything other than that. Here's our take on life - how we think, how we dress, how we carry ourselves, how we eat, how we party, how we workout, how we date and treat others, what music we're listening to, where we travel and how to squeeze every ounce out of the split second we're breathing.

The team based mostly in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, but also could be anywhere in the world. We like mystery. And expletives. Welcome to the club, be a Bad Wolf. 

The Story:

as told by founder, Drew Jessup:

The Bad Wolf Club has been something I've been dreaming about creating for a very long time, and for a few reasons, but it all comes down to community.

First, growing up I longed for a forum where guys could share about their passions, inspirations, vulnerabilities and personal journeys; to learn how to conduct themselves as men; to feel comfortable asking about spirituality or how to treat girls. I want the Bad Wolf Club to be that forum: a safe space for that next kid to ask questions, find answers about life, and encouragement for their own self-discovery. 

Second, while I didn’t have an outlet for these bigger questions, I did have an amazing, supportive tribe of friends and family around me. They push me to make a mark in this life. I’ve always had big dreams, and they were always my even bigger supporters. Honestly, I’m lucky to have such a positive network of rock stars behind me, and want to extend that web of support so that anyone who comes to this blog can experience the same. 

Join the tribe. Benefit from the community. Leave your mark.


Third, I want to cut through the noise. We finally live in a world where self-expression is encouraged, as it should be. People have endless platforms to speak their mind, especially today with social media. Unfortunately, often times the power is abused, and we end up listening to the wrong voices. My vision is that Bad Wolf Club is a megaphone for the dreamers, the visionaries, and the artists to express themselves and encourage others in ways they might not feel comfortable doing on their Instagram or other platforms.

This blog is a place for anyone, with a focus on dudes, to (1) share bold and inspiring ideas, (2) feel included and understood, and (3) make the world a better place. Anyone can show up, contribute, and be encouraged by what’s said here. It will be for us, by us. We welcome the loving, the fearless, the adventurous, the creators.

Come and tell your stories.

All my love, 

Xx Drew

The Name:


   Bad Wolf was a phrase I came across spray painted on a wall adventuring on a naval base day in Maine in 2014 and I was really inspired by it, but I didn't know why or what it meant.

   The spirit of the wolf is known for loyalty, hungry for freedom, a deep trust in instincts and an animal that works well in a pack, but also isn't afraid to go off on it's own. Something I think, since you've made it to this website, you probably connect with. 

   Ever since I've had an infatuation with wolves, and with roses, and wanted the logo for the club to be something that, as my website designer stated perfectly, the juxtaposition of sensitivity with savagery, and I think the above is that perfectly.  



The Bad Wolf Club