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drew jessup


Yo guys! 

   My name is Drew Jessup and I'm the founder and creator of the Bad Wolf Club, as well as Project87. I'm 23 and originally from Maine, a place I'm very proud to be from, but am Brooklyn based now and am so in love with the city I'm currently calling home. I work as a model, social media influencer, and menswear stylist but am trying to shape it all to lead me down a path that involves telling empowering stories as my full-time responsibility. 

   The Bad Wolf Club has been something I've been dreaming about creating for a very long time, and for a few reasons, but it all comes down to community.

   Firstly, When I was growing up I knew I was interested in creating, in art, style, poetry, self expression and, though had the best friends, never felt like I completely fit in with their interests. I was an athlete that cared about clothing, I liked to talk about girls but also the world, the deeper meaning, spirituality, etc. I never felt like I had a place to go to find other dudes with those same varying interests, putting out valuable information; information on their inspirations, their journeys, conducting themselves as men, as humans, spirituality, taking girls on dates, etc. I want to fill that void for that next kid going through his own self discovery and hopefully be able to accelerate their process.

   Secondly, what I did have was an amazing, wholly supportive, tribe of friends and family, who have always, and continue to, push me to find where creatively I can make my own imprint on impacting the world. I knew I felt different and they encouraged me to. I'm lucky, I'm grateful, I know this is rare, and I want this website to be a platform people can come to find that same sense of community and tribe that I was blessed to find naturally.

   Thirdly, the noise. Today, more than ever, self expression is encouraged, as it should be, and we have various platforms to say whatever we want on. Unfortunately I think in a lot of ways we've given power to the wrong voices, which continue to impression people regardless. I've built an incredible group of free thinking, whole hearted, creative friends and acquaintances whose voices need to be heard - by many. I wanted to create a place where their views could not only be highlighted, but where they also felt was a safe place they could express themselves in any way, within their art form or not, that they may not feel comfortable doing on Instagram/ other platform. 

   I wanted to take those three ideas: valuable, creative, inspiring, masculine focused information, sense of tribe and inclusivity, and a collection of empowering voices, and create a space anyone can arrive to, contribute to, and get constant encouragement from. This blog is for us, by us, and exists for all types of people to fulfill a sense of expression, and to be apart of a loving, fearless, adventurous, community of creators and story tellers. 

   All my love, 

Xx Drew


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Brock dehaven


Hey Guys!

   My name is Brock DeHaven. I grew up in New Jersey and then spent high school in Colorado, but am currently attending film school in Los Angeles.

   Having traveled the world by myself at age eighteen, in addition to living in four different states, I pull from an array of unique experiences and cultures that help inspire my creative work. I have a love for menswear, travel, interior design, food and fitness, and am looking forward to being part of this community! 

- Brock


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bram vandermark


Hi Everybody! 

   My name is Bram Vandermark. I'm 23 years old and I just moved to Brooklyn from my home of St. Louis, MO. I'm a full-time freelance videographer and photographer, and have come to the city chasing more opportunities to tell stories through those mediums. 

   I originally got involved with Drew to help shoot some Project87 x charity: water related items, but am looking forward to contributing to the community of creators who find themselves here! 

   Can't wait to meet and connect with you guys. 

- Bram Vandermark 


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