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   PROJECT87 is a bucket-list project honoring every year of my grandmothers life. Helping people to live the greatest year of my life, and spread as much kindness along the way. 

    My gramma passed away on October 6, 2017 from old age and I miss her dearly. Her life was defined by two things: she, firstly, was a devoted grandmother and had a heart full of love that she showed to anyone who was in front of her deserving or not. Secondly, she lived her whole life worrying about things she couldn’t control. Those worries halted her from experiencing the beauty of new things, new places and new people that existed outside of her bubble.

   Those worries also turned into collections of ‘things’, which turned into piles, which controlled her life. She lived to be 87, but there were more years in her life, than life in her years. PROJECT87 is about living a little dangerously, truthfully, connecting with new ground, new people, new tastes, smells, styles and living a life that is controlled more by love and curiosity than familiarity and safety. PROJECT87 is my 2018 bucket-list honoring my grandmother with the one thing she was great at, and one thing she wasn’t. The core of it is to spread love, experience new, and to live truthfully for however long I get to. 


   This project means the world to me and you support means everything. If there's an list items you would like to help with, have a connection to, or have some insight on it would be so appreciated. This is a crazy thing to take on and I'm going to need as much help as I can get. 

Thank you guys!