Timberland's Original Yellow Boot &, the newly updated, Brooklyn 6” - the ultimate anytime footwear


Typically, it’s the Northeast winter’s that demand all of the weather complaints - especially those who could ‘never live here’ because of said excuse. Well, let me educate you on how it goes from someone who has lived in the Northeast their whole life (Boston, Maine, NYC) and has no plans on permanently going anywhere… ever.

The winter may be our most severe weather difference between many parts of the U.S., but the most significant source of irritation for me, and I think my comrades, isn’t actually the inevitable frigid winter, but the unpredictability of our climate. We have an ongoing joke in the North about our bi-polar weather, but it’s an unfortunate truth to calling this part of the world home. It could be sunny and then pouring, warm and then frigid, rain turning to snow, and snow turning to puddles; it keeps you on your toes which is precisely why they need to be protected by footwear that can withstand our mother-nature’s mind changing.

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

— Ranulph Fienn

Fiennes quote is repeated throughout life in the Northeast, especially in high school when freezing to death sounds better than showing up to school wearing something not cool. Coming from someone born and bred here and also with interest in menswear, I fully understand the balance, or the lack of, between these two things, which is where the brilliance of Timberland’s Classic Yellow Boot and, new updated, Brooklyn 6” separate themselves from the rest of the boot world. Durability meets style, no more headaches, no more decisions of coolness or comfort, of feeling confident in school or surviving the climate outside of it; your life should be about having your cake and eating it too.

So, let’s introduce the all-stars and how I styled them:

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Brooklyn 6”

The Brooklyn 6” is the newest spin-off the of the Original Yellow Boot. The great thing about the update is it has a bit more of an athletic feel if you don’t need the construction of the original. Unless you were using the Classic Yellow in your daily life and needing something a bit stiffer, the Brooklyn 6” is your go-to. This boot looks good with denim or work wear overalls and if I needed to go from shoveling out my car to taking my girl on a mountain picnic, and everything in between these would suffice wherever you bring you.


  • Dad’s oversized Military wool coat

  • Dad’s vintage denim jacket

  • Collarless work flannel

  • Tank top

  • Vintage washed denim

  • Timberland’s Brooklyn 6”

Timerbland (1 of 23).jpg

Original Yellow Boot

The Original Yellow Boot, I can confidently say, should be a staple in 90% of guys closets. This baby is time tested and because of its simplicity, and classic look is as versatile as any boot while also being weatherproof. We’ve all seen them worn functionally as workwear, with sweats, if you’re an accountant on the weekends or a musician, you can’t go wrong with these.


This post was sponsored by Timberland!

Appreciate you guys reading - let me know if you snag a pair of either and how you style them!

Crush it,

Drew Xx