#27 See Jed & Jo get married


August 11, 2018

one of the best days of my life. 




    physically stunning and still has no parallel to the person she is: kind, intelligent, driven, the type of individual who will change whatever piece of the world she chooses. She also happens to be my neighbor, but she is so. much. more. than that. Her older brother, Jake, was my first best, best friend and more days of my childhood may have been spent with those two at their house than at my own. Her parents became my parents, her gram my gram, their vacations my vacations, and so on. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were spent with Jake and Johanna in the woods, in the ocean, on a mountain in the summer or the winter, years of constant adventure and activities spent together. She had to do everything with Jake and me; she annoyed me like a sister because I loved her like a sister, and was my childhood until 8th-grade when suddenly team sports required more time commitment, and I was thrust into a new friend group of athletes who played the same sports.



   handsome as hell, intelligent, focused, and what I'm most proud of, has one of the kindest hearts you will ever come across. He's from one town over from mine but included in the three-town high school in our area. I had known him since I was probably 6 playing recreational sports against him, but didn't have the opportunity to come close until middle school when athletics took over, and he and I played the same sports. At that same time, my older sister and his older brother began dating. From then on, throughout high school, most weekends, Friday after school until mom called to say she was on her way Sunday night, were spent together. Those weekends, many times at his house, a brotherhood was formed between him, myself, and a few other great guys. As we progressed through high school, our siblings became more and more, from casually dating to high school sweethearts to post-high school relationship and we would often joke how we could make our brotherhood legal someday through the union of those two. After years of waiting excitedly, that moment finally came September 2017 and Jed and I both stood as groomsmen with his brother and watched them say forever to each other. A couple of weeks following the wedding he then asked me to be one of his groomsmen for his marriage in August 2018.



The weekend finally came where my neighbor, my childhood sister, was marrying one of my best friends, my brother-in-law's brother, my brother. These two started dating the fall of our junior year of high school, 2010, and have been inseparable since. In the insanity of it, I don't think it took anyone very long to see there was a particular type of magic these two shared and had for one another, that wasn't convenience or inexperienced based. It was just pure love, chemicals, compatibility, respect, partnership, and a certain sense of awareness to honor life's unpredictability that love is love whenever it comes; however, it happens. If you're 80, or if you 15. These two share something you can't help but crave to find for yourself. A love that can't be defined, a love where words don't do justice, a love where love is no longer a powerful enough word to describe it.

Rehearsal Dinner

August 10, 2018

Wedding Day. 

August 11, 2018. 



Getting to witness their day, their vows to each other, their presence in life, turned out to be one of the best days of mine. What an honor. All my love to these two. 

#27: √

All my love, 

Xx A.