#34 Have an ice cream sundae on Gram's birthday

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My grandmother loved ice cream sundaes. You know how certain sports teams, or cars, or styles we associate with people in our lives that remind us of them? She's that for me with ice cream sundaes. One of the earliest memories I can replay is sitting across from her in a booth at Friendly's, just the two of us, eating ice cream. As big of a fan she was, her sundae's were always a treat, it was always because of something significant. Her birthday was an event that was always celebrated with ice cream, and rightfully so. To hit my point home a little harder she passed away on a Friday, and I returned home to Maine to be with my family - that Sunday we had an ice cream sundae party at my house for her. #34 seemed like the only way of celebrating her birthday and memory. The interesting thing, thinking back, is the last few months of my gram's life she was having her coffee ice cream often  - maybe she knew she was at a point where each day was deserving of celebration - maybe that's how we all should be. 

When I thought of #34, I didn't expect to be in Maine but was lucky enough to be there and get to celebrate this item with my family. After my mom and I returned from #85 Do a bike race with momwe met the rest of my family at a local ice cream shop. Everybody got their preferences, but in honor of her and the day, I stuck with my gram's classic:

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Gram's Sundae:

 + Coffee Ice Cream

+ Hot Fudge

+ Whipped Cream 

+ Chopped Nuts

Celebrating was my sister, my brother-in-law, my mom, and my dad. 


Happy 88th Birthday, Gram. We miss you. We love you. 

#34: √


All my love, 

Drew Xx