#41 Have a lobster dinner in Maine

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I may be biased, but I've never had a better lobster than one out of the North Atlantic, by a local lobsterman, hand-delivered to a fish market, and bought and cooked at home in Maine. There's a reason why when you go to NYC, or other cities, or really any other place out of Maine, why the restaurants selling points are, "Fresh Maine Lobster!". I've got a lot of pride around my Maine seafood, even though the majority of my childhood was spent not enjoying that type of cuisine. But now I am a man, and seafood I eat, and seafood I enjoy. 

Maine lobsters are harvested year-round, making them an excellent meal choice any time of year you're visiting my home state. But, there's nothing quite like a Maine lobster dinner on a carefree summer night under the stars in Maine. As an aged cabernet compliments a cut of fillet, a perfectly cooked strawberry-red Lobster does the same to a Maine sunset (one of the best places on the planet to see one), and a campfire. Of course, over the last 5 years of enjoying the delicatessen I've relished in numerous nights like so, but when creating the most significant year of my life, this was something that needed to be included. 

   I had planned to come home for Father's Day weekend and leading up to it the weekend felt more substantial than usual as my dad had been sick earlier this year and it was the first time I had imagined my superhero ever not being invincible. On top of that, my birthday was the weekend prior, and I hadn't seen my family to celebrate, and the cherry on top was my mom's half birthday was the day before Father's Day. Yes, we celebrate half birthdays, having only one day a year simply isn't enough.

Saturday, June 16th

I took a bus from Boston to Portland, my parents picked me up, and we cruised over to the Harbor Fish Market in the Old Port of Portland, ME. While there a decision was made that some fresh Maine oysters would also accompany our fresh Maine lobsters - seems natural. 


Step 1. Pick your oysters. They had a variety from Massachusetts to Canada, but the majority from Maine. We got two different kinds, both from Maine. 


Step 2. Choose how many lobsters you want and how heavy you want them to be. Typically they come in three sizes small (1 lb), medium (1.25 lbs), large (1.5 lbs). We got three large guys because, to us, when choosing lobsters you choose the most. 

They can provide containers to get you home without spoiling your goodies. We, not new to this, brought our own cooler. Once you've got everything you wanted (which there's a variety of other options too from an assortment of fish, to muscles, to scallops, to cooked lobster and crab meat.)


We loaded up the car with our new sea friends who were packed with extra ice as they weren't becoming dinner guests until the following day, on Father's Day. That evening we were crossing  off another item, as it was a big weekend, and went to Vinland for #68 Eat a 10-course meal. 

Sunday, June 17 - Fathers Day

We hung out most of the day and then around 5 began our Father's Day lobster dinner productions. 


Course 1:

  • Oysters

Course 2: 

  • Cooked Lobster 
  • Lobster Salad 
  • Black Bean and Corn Salad

To the campfire! 

  1. Drinks: √
  2. Oysters: √
  3. Sunset: √
  4. Campfire: √
  5. People I'm obsessed with: √

Time for Lobster!

We decided to split them in half and grill them. One of my favorite ways of preparing lobster. My dad has learned this petting technique that actually "hypnotizes" the lobsters so they can be processed as ethically as possible. Nonsense? Maybe, but they do stop moving and crawling and that's enough to convince me they're a bit less conscious. 


Grill master pops delivered a flawless job once again and these bad boys went from sea floor to plate in a matter of 48 hours. You just can't beat that. 

Now back to the fire. 

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And that's how you do it in Maine - or at least a consistent for the Peterson household. There's just nothing better. 

#41 Have a lobster dinner in Maine: √


All my love, 

Drew Xx

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Harbor Fish Market

One of my favorite places to get fresh seafood. If you're visiting Portland it's a must to check out. They even will ship their products to you in insulated coolers. 


Let me know if you visit or order!