Discover: Paris with Drew Jessup

Discover: Paris with Drew Jessup

Come discover Paris with Drew Jessup as he navigates the sights and the food, and what part of the city he’s fallen in love with.

BWC Intro: Drew Jessup


Hi Wolves, 

   My names is Drew Jessup and I want to officially welcome you to the Bad Wolf Club, the most recent addition to my latest project! The Bad Wolf Club is a community of creators that are hungry for life, for love, for expression, for style and are totally uninterested in living a life within the walls of societies yellow brick road.

   Bad Wolf was a phrase I came across spray painted on a wall adventuring on a naval base day in Maine in 2014 and I was really inspired by it, but I didn't know why or what it meant. The spirit of the wolf is known for loyalty, hungry for freedom, a deep trust in instincts and an animal that works well in a pack, but also isn't afraid to go off on it's own. Something I think, since you've made it to this website, you probably connect with. 

   Personally this blog has been a long time coming and the goal of it isn't supposed to be about the opinion of one person, like I think a lot of the blogs we follow today are. It's a masculine driven online journal for a community of creatives, all with unique voices, looking for a platform to talk about a variety of topics - related to their art form or not. As a male interested in creative expression I've never felt like there was a website/ blog that I could completely relate to from a creative, fashion, lifestyle, artistic, etc. stand point. We're inspire by surf, bike, rock, and classic wear in our style and our culture. 

   I want this to be a place you feel a sense of community from where you haven't before while providing valuable and inspiring information from the voices of creatives we all look up to most. We have a few guys on board now, but am looking for other creators (guys / girls / gender-neutrals) who have one thing to talk about or want to be more of a consistent contributor. Check out the following categories below and if there's something you want to talk about please reach out through the contact page:

  • Travel
  • Style
  • Dating
  • Music
  • Spaces
  • Living
  • Diary

   I'm looking forward to working with you, becoming friends with you, impacting people with you, and being impacted by you. 

Thank you - this is going to be fun! 


Xx Drew