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One year to live a full life

Project 87


A 2018 bucket-list project
honoring every year of my grandmothers life

   She passed away on October 6, 2017 from old age and I miss her dearly. Her life was defined by two things:

First, what she was really great at, she was a devoted grandmother and had a heart full of love and kindness that she showed to anyone who was in front of her deserving or not.

Second, what she wasn't great at, she lived her whole life worrying about things she couldn’t control. Those worries halted her from experiencing the beauty of new things, new places and new people that existed outside of her bubble. Those worries also turned into collections of ‘things,’ which turned into piles, and ultimately controlled her life. She lived to be 87, but there were more years in her life than life in her years.

Project87 is how I'm applying those two lessons to my life, and I challenge you to do the same. Personally, this year is about living a little dangerously, truthfully, connecting with the new ground, people, tastes, smells, styles and living a life that is controlled more by love and curiosity than familiarity and safety. I have 87 things to do, an item for every year of her life, honoring the one thing she was the best at and the one thing she wasn’t.

The core of it is to respect your time and spread love, experience new, and to live truthfully for however long I get to. 


  1. Celebrate New Years in a different country

  2. Go to Paris Fashion Week

  3. Ask out Instagram crush

  4. Sky dive

  5. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

  6. Get my motorcycles license

  7. Have tea in London

  8. Be on the cover of a magazine

  9. Give a Ted X speech

  10. Helicopter tour of NYC

  11. Have a Guinness Beer in Dublin

  12. Go on a meditation retreat

  13. Go to Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR

  14. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

  15. Eat pasta in Italy

  16. Visit Amsterdam

  17. Inspire enough people to get on Ellen

  18. Book a one-way ticket somewhere international

  19. Design a piece of clothing and have it for sale

  20. Surf a wave

  21. Write a letter to someone special weekly/52 throughout the year

  22. Swim in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

  23. See the Golden Gate Bridge

  24. Hike a 14-er in Colorado

  25. Hike Khatadin

  26. Visit Yosemite

  27. See Jed & Jo get married

  28. Zip Line

  29. Get officially signed by a modeling agency

  30. Get invited to GQ: Man Of The Year

  31. Give a homeless person a complete makeover

  32. Volunteer in another country

  33. Help with a proposal

  34. Have an ice cream sundae on my gram's birthday

  35. Partner with a non-profit organization

  36. Read a book a month/12 throughout the year

  37. See the Northern Lights

  38. Go to Coachella

  39. Ride an elephant in its native land*

  40. Host a dinner for creatives

  41. Have a lobster dinner in Maine

  42. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

  43. Volunteer at a hospice

  44. Have a party writing letters for Operation Gratitude

  45. Publish a coffee table book about happy people I meet from the project

  46. Visit Jordan in Charleston, SC

  47. Meet Harry James Patrick

  48. Take a ski weekend

  49. Eat a real Philly Cheesesteak

  50. Go on a road trip in the US

  51. Host a sponsored walk

  52. Try escargot in France

  53. Host a huge picnic

  54. Go cliff jumping

  55. See the White House

  56. Host a themed party

  57. Ride in a hot air balloon

  58. Meet Jerome Jarre

  59. Visit Chicago

  60. Give out burgers throughout the city to the homeless

  61. Go to a Patriot's game

  62. Visit the Grand Canyon

  63. Go inside a real castle

  64. Dress up in costume and and visit sick children in the hospital

  65. Go camping with friends

  66. Ice skate at Rockefeller Hall with someone significant

  67. Visit the Stonehenge

  68. Eat a 10-course meal

  69. Set up a food or clothing drive in Maine

  70. Leave a great waiter a $100 dollar tip

  71. Visit a new continent

  72. Visit Banff

  73. Start a communal blog for creatives

  74. Conduct an interview a month/ 12 throughout the year of someone that inspires me

  75. Write a vulnerable letter to someone special

  76. Travel from Edinburg to the Inner Hebrides in Scotland

  77. Take the Glacier Express

  78. Fundraise and donate a five-figure check

  79. Beat a food challenge

  80. Do a poetry reading

  81. Celebrate St. Patrick's day in Boston

  82. Take a style risk you's usually be afraid to take

  83. Meet the Buried Life team

  84. Surprise someone special with a weekend getaway

  85. Do a bike race with mom

  86. Ride in a Gondola in Venice

  87. Lay in a field in Scotland reading and watching the clouds roll by

*Bolded items have been completed and if italicized their blog posts are hyperlinked*

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